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4 Tips from a Contractor for the BEST Outdoor Kitchen


According to Carter Construction of Gainesville, there are several important things to consider when designing your outdoor kitchen. To build a long-lasting and fully functional kitchen, you should try and use the space wisely.

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These 4 tips will help you design an outdoor kitchen in Gainesville, Fl. 

LAYOUT: Creating a layout that flows well is crucial to the design process. Consider the spacing of your entertainment area. How does the kitchen divide the room? Appliance placement is also very important, consider where you’re going to put your hot appliances, cold appliances, and prep areas. 

PROTECTION: Bring the party outside! If your outside kitchen is going to be used through the hot summer months, will you need some kind of awning or umbrella. Maybe a planted tree to bring some shade? In colder temperatures, you may opt for a heater or fire pit. Planning ahead will help make the most of your new entertainment space. 


Refrigerator: When entertaining guests, having access to drinks nearby is essential. A fridge outside can be conveniently located for access to beer, soda, water or any cold drink.

Grill: What is a kitchen without something to cook on? Grills can be the focal point of many kitchens, and there are many types to choose from. Doing your research beforehand might also save you a few bucks.

Keg: With Gainesville being the college town that it is, we are no stranger to a keg. Multiple taps allow multiple types of beer, and your home can be the talk of the town!

Make sure each appliance is suited for outdoors and designed to withstand any kind of weather. Sometimes an indoor appliance will work, however, it may not last as long. Keeping track of warranties or maintenance plans on the units can save money on large future repairs.

LIGHTING/MUSIC- The right lighting can create a nice ambiance, while also allowing you to safely prepare food. You can set the mood with a string of lights, or some candles, for a more intimate setting. A quality outdoor entertainment area can be used to bring family and friends together.

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