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Budgeting For Your New Home

Planning on building a custom home in Gainesville? Creating and staying on a budget can be a challenge when you do not have an home building expert to guide you. At Carter Construction of Gainesville, you can avoid unknown construction fees and unexpected costs. They will sit down with you at the beginning and go over scale, building materials, and design to make your dream home work within the budget you have to use. Learn more about the benefits of a design-build process. Here are some tips that this experienced builder in Gainesville would recommend:

• Discuss major factors that can cause changes in cost of a particular design. Labor costs, and the availability of certain building materials can fluctuate during the course of the construction loan, and bank draws. Carter Construction will stay on task and anticipate these types of red flags that can frustrate the average client.

• As a consumer, having visual aids like photos of products and design can help with relaying expectations when the budget is being developed. A good Gainesville Design-Build Contractor can give options to the clients that will help bring the price in line with budget. Carter Construction has the experience over time with new construction budgeting that you might not be getting with a newer Gainesville Home Builder.

• Choose a budget range rather than an actual number that can be used by your contractor for a residential construction job in Alachua County. If you are flexible about home location, tell Carter Construction. Home building in Alachua County may be priced differently than, say, a home built in Levy County, especially when it comes to land price.

Call Carter Construction of Gainesville, Inc. today—(352) 377-5682. It could be the phone call that leads to your family’s dream home, and the beginning of a great relationship with a family that’s been in the home building business for over 30 years.

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